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Higher productivity and quality through moistening

Whether on the stenter frame, during compacting, sanforizing, shrinking, calendering or in reactive printing - the WEKO fluid application systems (WFA) create process stability and long-term consistency in moistening.
The WEKO-SIGMA rotor carrier sprays the fluid onto the web in exact doses without contact and reproducibly at any time. This increases product quality and conserves valuable resources such as water, steam and energy consumption. The WEKO-SIGMA rotor carrier is supplied by the WEKO-BASIC or WEKO-FLOW depending on the requirements for convenience.

The set application quantity can be controlled manually during operation or automatically via speed compensation.

Automatic moisture control is possible through connection to a moisture measurement system.

Thanks to selectable manual or automatic format settings, the WEKO systems can be quickly adapted to different fabric widths and used variably.

With our accessories WEKO-Cut-it (edge trimming), WEKO-Glue-it (edge gluing) and WEKO-Spread-it (spreaders) textile production processes can be further optimized. They enable trouble-free production, reduce machine soiling, minimize material losses and thus ensure maximum productivity and profitability.

  • Sanforizing/Shrinking:
    Goods are moistened in the infeed and optimal dimensionally stabilized in the sanforizing line
  • Compacting:
    Textiles remain dimensionally stable through precise moisture level
  • Exit of stenter frame:
    For exact remoistening after the drying process
  • Calendering:
    Woven and knitted fabrics are moistened on one side, thus they are better compacted in the calender and the gloss increases
  • Festoon steamer:
    Targeted prewetting reduces urea consumption by up to 30% while maintaining the same quality