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Powder application

High quality with minimal powder application

The use of print () powders as release agents is still irreplaceable in many printing applications today. Surrounding area dusting can be reduced to a minimum by using modern and efficient dusting systems.


The precise and world-leading application technology of WEKO-AP systems applies an even, invisible release and protective layer of finest powder.

Ink layers are given the necessary time to dry, even at high printing speeds. The ink layers are reliably prevented from sticking together, the sheet glides better during finishing, and adhesion due to static charges is reduced.
The WEKO-AP systems achieve high transfer efficiency through reproducible and sheet-accurate timing and reduce powder consumption to a minimum.

The patented metering system and application nozzles optimized for the process ensure minimal and uniform powder application of just a few milligrams per sheet.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Precise, minimal and repeatable application quantities

  • Highest possible application efficiency and

  • Uniform powder distribution for straight pile formation

  • For highest printing speeds

  • Automatic adaptation to the printing speed

  • Resource-saving due to minimal consumption

  • Intuitive, easy operation

Alternatively, powdering systems are also used in roll applications. Wherever the adhesive tendency of sheet or roll webs needs to be reliably prevented.

Product solutions

  • Sheet Offset
  • Flexo Printing
  • Film Extrusion