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Release agent application:

Silicone as release agent

Polyester/PET extrusion lines mostly produce film rolls for the manufacture of food trays. PET films predominantly have poor slip properties. However, good, uniform slip is a prerequisite for trouble-free production in thermoforming lines or for separating the finished trays in filling lines.


WEKO fluid application systems (WFA) enable the application of a minimal, adhesive release layer on film and other material webs.

Primarily PET films are given a defined release layer, which optimizes processes such as thermoforming and tray destacking and transport. For uninterrupted production and maximum possible output.

The application of silicone dispersions or silicone-free liquid release agents takes place in tiny micro-droplets, which are applied uniformly, with repeat accuracy and in minimal quantities.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Precise, minimal and repeatable application quantities

  • Resource-saving due to minimal consumption

  • Contact-free application of the emulsion

  • Wide application spectrum for optimum slip factor

  • No wear and tear or application-related exchange parts

  • High flexibility - application on one or both sides possible

  • Intuitive, easy operation

Depending on the requirements, different supply units such as the WEKO-BASIC and WEKO-FLOW can be used with the WEKO-SIGMA rotor carriers. Optionally, the encapsulated rotor carrier WEKO-ProTec and the complete system, the WEKO-CoatingTower are available.

The space-saving design of the WEKO-SIGMA rotor carrier allows easy retrofitting even on existing lines.

  • Anti-block (silicon)


„A diversified portfolio“

EK-Pack Folien GmbH, based in Ermengerst-Wiggensbach, was founded in 1977 and has been run as a family business ever since. With 210 employees, the company develops and produces modern film systems, achieving an annual output of over 30,000 tons.

The complex requirements of the sales markets are met by comprehensive know-how, reliable and motivated employees as well as modern production facilities. The wide-ranging portfolio of flexible films is used in particular in the food, non-food and medical/pharmaceutical sectors.

„Sustainable protection of our everyday needs“

Aligned with the realization of the vision: “Sustainable protection of our everyday needs,” KP is a leading global supplier of rigid and flexible packaging and specialty film solutions for pharmaceutical and medical devices, food, beverages, and cards.

Since 2009, WEKO’s silicone spray-on process has been successfully used at various Klöckner Pentaplast facilities. The system is used in the production of PET films made from 100% recycled material, which are then further processed into thermoformed trays. When spraying on the silicone/water mixture, the primary aim is to denest the trays (anti-blocking).

„Leading manufacturers in Europe“

The SÜDPACK Packaging Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of coextruded flexible and rigid films, flexible plastic composites and bags.

Another focus is on printing films using flexographic, gravure and digital printing processes. The family-owned company has a total of 18 sales offices and sites, with production facilities in Germany, France, Poland, the USA and Switzerland.