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Tissue Lotioning

The add-on
for your margin!

Lotioning offers the possibility to enhance the natural feel of the fibers in a cost-effective way and to create a high-quality product for skin contact.

Especially with today’s alternative fibers such as bamboo, hemp, etc. or nonwovens, lotioning helps to significantly improve the skin feel.
Lotioning is usually done on the master roll winder or directly in the converting line.

A further effect of lotioning is that the volume and weight are also increased by the additional liquid input and loose fibers are better bound.

With the WEKO non-contact fluid application system (WFA), lotions can be applied with high precision, uniformity and reproducibility, even in the smallest quantities. The tissue is not subjected to any further stress due to roller contact or similar due to the rotor spray application and the lotion liquor remains clean.

With the system consisting of WEKO-FLOW supply unit and WEKO-SIGMA rotor carrier, finest droplets are sprayed contactless onto the web.

With the encapsulated application unit WEKO-ProTec, escaping aerosols can be significantly reduced by suction.

The complete solution WEKO-C trend combines all required components (electrics, hydraulics and tank) in a closed cabinet and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

  • Facial tissues
  • Hanky tissues
  • Toilet paper


„Better ply adhesion and elimination of static charges with higher volume“

Pre-moistening in napkin printing and -folding machine to achieve better ply adhesion with reduction of dust, elimination of static charges and higher volume. SDF is OEM.

„Application of softener and fragrance lotions“

Application of softener and scented lotions for maximum softness and pleasant scent of the tissue.