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Technologies for
fluid application

The precise application of fluids is a task in many industries, which is why WEKO’s systems are already so widely used.

The key technology for contactless liquid application has a name at WEKO: WEKO-Sigma. The rotor carrier with its manifold possibilities is the heart of numerous WEKO solutions.

This is also the case with the WEKO-ProTec - here the proven WEKO rotors are used in a closed system. Aerosols and finest droplets are extracted where they occur. This reduces the strain on employees and ensures a clean machine environment.

Also thanks to WEKO rotor technology, the WEKO-NEO can score in terms of sustainability when dyeing and finishing textiles and nonwovens. New dyeing effects and reproducibility even with small batches can be implemented highly efficiently and economically with WEKO-NEO.