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Pre- and

Paper conditioning /
Pre- and remoistening

Paper and paper fiber stocks are natural products. The WEKO fluid application systems (WFA) return the desired moisture to the paper and create optimal processing conditions.


Paper consists mainly of natural cell and fiber materials. If they dry out, they lose many of their good features. The paper fibers shrink up to 25% in width. The paper web becomes tense and the tendency to “curl” or “wave” increases. The same happens to static charging.
Particularly in the case of paper webs coated or laminated on one side, where the coating side represents the rigid, immobile part, curl or lack of flatness occurs very quickly after the drying process due to the tensions. For example, with siliconized or aluminum coated papers.

WEKO fluid application systems return precisely defined moisture to the paper. By applying very fine micro-droplets, the paper regains its original running and dimensional features. It lies flat in its original dimension, static charges are prevented. The paper fibers become flexible again.
Optimum processing speed, fewer production interruptions and higher-quality products are the result.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Precise, minimal and repeatable application quantities

  • Resource-saving due to minimal consumption

  • Contact-free application of the emulsion

  • Wide application spectrum for all paper grades and ink coverage

  • No wear and tear or job-related exchange parts

  • High flexibility - single- or double-sided application possible

  • Intuitive, easy operation

The WEKO-SIGMA is the application unit and sprays contactless and precise micro droplets onto the paper web.

With the WEKO-FLOW, WEKO-C trend or WEKO-BASIC supply units, the application quantity can be precisely and reproducibly controlled and automatically adjusted to the web speed. When connected to a moisture measuring system, it is possible to react automatically to different material pre-humidities.
Optionally, there is the possibility of zonal moistening, which compensates for uneven moisture profiles of a paper or fabric web.

The WEKO-C trend combines all the necessary components (electrics, hydraulics and tank) compactly in a closed cabinet.

In web offset printing, the WEKO-RFS is used; here, the original moisture is returned to the paper with the aid of a press-in roller. With maximum flexibility, the dosing can be very precise and reproducible at any time.

  • Abrasive Papers
  • Self adhesive label Production / Printing
  • Decor Papers
  • Filter Papers
  • Aluminium laminated papers
  • Tea paper bags
  • Digital water based inkjet Printing
  • Web Offset
  • Gravure Printing
  • Flexo Printing
  • Composite Materials


„Zonal remoistening“

Moistening and moisture profile compensation by zonal moistening in the production of electrical insulating papers in a special paper machine. WEKO fluid application system integrated in control loop in connection with traversing moisture meter.

„Label rewetting“

Remoistening for cover papers for self-adhesive laminates, primarily for label applications

„Targeted remoistening - after gravure printing, coating and drying“

Benefit from our expert knowledge: We optimize the labeling properties of die-cut wet-glue labels, such as beer bottle labels, through targeted rewetting - after gravure printing, coating and drying. With this process, we ensure optimum machine performance on our customers’ labeling systems.

„Remoistening for abrasives“

World leader in the development and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the conversion of flexible materials.

„Remoistening of coated papers“

Precise remoistening of coated papers after drying to achieve the desired flatness and flexibility of the products. KROENERT is a leading supplier of turnkey plant solutions in the field of coating technology for web-shaped materials.