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Moisture management by pre- or re-moisturization

The WEKO fluid application systems (WFA) provide the nonwoven with the desired moisture as required and create optimum processing conditions.

Via the rotors of the WEKO-SIGMA finest water droplets are sprayed contactless onto the web. With the supply units WEKO-FLOW or WEKO-BASIC, the application quantities can be metered precisely and, when connected to a moisture measuring system, automatically - even at high web speeds. With the WFA, the processing of large formats up to 7.5 meters is also guaranteed without deviation.

If other liquids or chemicals are used in addition to water, the WEKO-ProTec with integrated suction system helps to keep the strain on employees and the machine environment low.


„Innovatec has a WEKO plant in the technical center“

Functional finishing of meltblown fleece by means of contactless fluid application. Innovatec is one of the most modern manufacturers in meltblown production.

“The WEKO fluid application system is an economical as well as ecological system, which puts Innovatec in the position to produce high quality products. By using this system, the amount of additives as well as the emission of them is greatly reduced,” said Mr. Jaeger when asked “Why WEKO?”.