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Improvement of
Layer adhesion

Strong layer adhesion - Minimal costs

With WEKO fluid application systems (WFA), the necessary ply adhesion can be achieved by water-based adhesives (ply-bonding) or also by pure, targeted water application (water-bond).

The non-contact rotor spray application enables fine, two-dimensional ply bonding to be produced without squeezing the tissue structure. This gives you a perfect high-volume product, especially for the price-sensitive market.
Especially when using adhesives, the encapsulated
WEKO-ProTec** can score points. Here, aerosols are extracted in the system and the exposure for employees and the machine environment is significantly reduced.

Waterbond Waterbond supports your cost efficiency and product quality in a unique way. Especially with 3-4 ply tissue products, where ply-bonding can’t achieve consistently good adhesion across all plies. In this case, expensive knurling or micro embossing is often used to maintain layer adhesion. This can be bypassed with the targeted WEKO moisture application, which produces perfect ply adhesion in all plies at a significantly lower cost. In addition, it eliminates ongoing maintenance costs for knurled equipment and allows for a wider variety of designs and an optimized “clean-look”.

The rotor spray application WEKO-SIGMA distributes micro-droplets evenly on the fabric web, acting perfectly on the sensitive surfaces without stressing the material. A finely dosed water application is a booster for the layer bonding process. Layer adhesion is improved and the penetration of the applied adhesive is increased. The swelling properties of the fibers improve the fabric’s dimension, bulkiness and volume.

Regardless of which process you want to improve - we will supply you properly. The WEKO-BASIC, WEKO-FLOW or the compact WEKO-C trend combine all necessary components (electrics, hydraulics and tank). Choose your individually required comfort and scope of performance.

  • Ply-bonding
  • Water-Bond


„Better ply adhesion and elimination of static charges with higher volume“

Pre-moistening in napkin printing and -folding machine to achieve better ply adhesion with reduction of dust, elimination of static charges and higher volume. SDF is OEM.

„Application of softener and fragrance lotions“

Application of softener and scented lotions for maximum softness and pleasant scent of the tissue.