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Remoistening in digital printing

Remoistening / conditioning

In digital printing, dryer systems are used to dry water-based inkjet inks or to fix toner-based systems. Paper consists of organic fibers whose properties change negatively when exposed to heat.

The following problems can occur:

  • Raised edges (curling) and plates of the paper

  • Wave formation in printed products

  • Reduced register and register accuracy in further processing

  • Rough and unclean fold breaks

  • Reduced processing speed due to high static charges

**Nature needs moisture - so do your printed products !

With the WEKO-DigiCon, the paper can be given back exactly the missing moisture that was previously removed by high drying (performance) temparature.
Using a non-contact rotor spray process, fine micro-droplets are evenly distributed on the paper surface. The paper regains its natural properties. The above-mentioned (impairments) Disadvantages are significantly improved - processing speed and the quality of the end products can be sustainably increased.

Advantages at a glance

  • Precise, minimal and repeatable application quantities

  • Contact-free, clean application (no wrinkling)

  • Wide range of applications for all paper grades and ink coatings

  • Automatic adaptation to printing speed

  • No wear and tear or job-related replacement parts (rollers, sleeves, nozzles)

  • High flexibility - single or double-sided application with variable quantities possible

  • Highest availability due to automatic cleaning program

  • Intuitive, easy operation

  • Simple installation without complicated alignment

Extendable by silicone dosing module to WEKO-SiliCon

  • Digital printing endless
  • Digital packaging printing


„Label rewetting“

Remoistening for cover papers for self-adhesive laminates, primarily for label applications

„Targeted remoistening - after gravure printing, coating and drying“

Benefit from our expert knowledge: We optimize the labeling properties of die-cut wet-glue labels, such as beer bottle labels, through targeted rewetting - after gravure printing, coating and drying. With this process, we ensure optimum machine performance on our customers’ labeling systems.

„Remoistening of coated papers“

Precise remoistening of coated papers after drying to achieve the desired flatness and flexibility of the products. KROENERT is a leading supplier of turnkey plant solutions in the field of coating technology for web-shaped materials.

„Zonal remoistening“

Moistening and moisture profile compensation by zonal moistening in the production of electrical insulating papers in a special paper machine. WEKO fluid application system integrated in control loop in connection with traversing moisture meter.