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Gliding emulsions

Optimum paper feature due to emulsions

In continuous and web printing, papers are exposed to extreme physical stress. Dryer systems extract moisture from the paper. Fibers are stretched or compressed by the paper guide. The paper loses its suppleness and dimensional stability and tends to become electrostatically charged.

In the case of color-intensive images, poor paper qualities, heavily coated papers and high printing speeds, this can quickly lead to scratches and staining effects on the printed images during finishing.

Protect your surface

The non-contact application of a minimal water-silicone emulsion gives paper surfaces protection against mechanical damage. The moisture gives the paper back its original feature. Paper handling improves, electrostatic charges are minimized, and separating and folding processes run cleaner and faster. The end products look of higher quality.

With the liquid application systems WEKO-FLOW or WEKO-BASIC the application quantity can be controlled precisely and reproducibly. Easy-to-use, digitally adjustable metering ensures repeatable results, even with minimal application quantities. The printing speed is automatically compensated.
The associated rotor carrier WEKO-SIGMA applies microdroplets to the paper web without contact.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Precise, minimal and repeatable application quantities

  • Resource-saving due to minimal consumption

  • Contact-free application of the emulsion

  • Wide application spectrum for all paper grades and ink coverage

  • No wear and tear or job-related exchange parts

  • High flexibility - single- or double-sided application possible

  • Intuitive, easy operation

The silicone emulsion WEKO-S1 is specially optimized for requirements in web and digital printing.

  • Web-Offset (Heatset / Coldset)